Charitable Travel Fund

Hotels Joining Hands

Feeding the Tourism Community in Cambodia

The Charitable Travel Fund will support a caring initiative operated by three inspirational hotel leaders in Siem Reap, Cambodia.

Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic Cambodia has faced a drastic and immediate economic crisis caused by an overnight 99% decline in international tourism. People are struggling to survive, businesses have closed, and majority of workers in the tourism industry have lost their jobs. Cambodia has no ‘safety net’ and no social support structure. With many incomes gone and the future uncertain the imminent threat of hunger, deprivation and disease is real.

Three like-minded hoteliers in Siem Reap have joined forces to provide more than 400 meals a day to those people most affected. Treeline Urban Resort, Mulberry Boutique Hotel and Jaya House Hotels, with the help of The Cambodia Landmine Museum, Friends International, Sala Baï Hotel School, Agir Pour Le Cambodge and Tourism Cares have now delivered over 50,000 hot meals since April in several locations in Siem Reap. The Charitable Travel Fund will now join forces to help.


Each meal costs just £1 and are nutritious, cooked locally generating a small income for the local villagers and restaurants, are locally sourced and in biodegradable packaging. We believe that by working together we can reach those in need within this tourism community and provide nutrition to tide our people over until circumstances have improved and more long-term solutions can be found to recover tourism.