Charitable Travel Fund

About Us

With over 175 years’ combined experience in the travel and tourism industry, as hoteliers, tour operators, travel agents, sustainable tourism and media experts, our volunteer trustees and experienced team are supremely capable of achieving our objectives to help those suffering disadvantage in destinations dependent on tourism income, when that income is affected.

We are an agile charity, making sure we keep our overheads low, our fundraising costs proportionate and our grant-making process tech-lead, aiming to ensure that 85% of any donation is deployed to local and international organisations when people and communities need our help.

We are registered as The Charitable Travel Foundation with the Charity Commission of England & Wales. No. 1189531.

Our Mission

We are a UK based charity working tirelessly to energise and galvanise the support of the global travel and tourism industry, and the travelling public, to build The Charitable Travel Fund. We work to provide tangible financial aid for communities in worldwide travel destinations that depend on tourism revenue but have little or no government welfare support when that income is threatened or extinguished by events beyond expectation or control. In essence, our support starts when tourism stops.

Why We Help

We have all enjoyed the huge positive impact that travel and tourism create. Whether the restorative value of a holiday away, the chance to broaden our experience of other cultures or landscapes or benefiting from the employment promoting tourism offers. Our entire travel experience depends on these communities. When they need us, we must be there to help.

What happens to them when there is no tourism income, no welfare state, no handouts, when the income stops? We are here for the hotel worker, the airport baggage handler, the tour guide, the taxi and transfer driver, the tourist attraction employee, the restaurant and beach bar waiters, the gift shop server and all the workers in tourism when they need us.

How We Help

The Charitable Travel Fund helps by financially supporting local and international charity non-profit organisations, delivering much needed help on the ground, with thoughtful, impactful, and speedy grants. Charitable Travel helps sustain and empower tourism communities to survive adversity, overcome disadvantage and rebuild to provide robust, sustainable, and environmentally conscious income to return to independence and quality of life. Our focus is on communities in places without the full safety net of a public welfare system.


The Charitable Travel Fund is focused on support for disadvantaged communities in destinations where the local economy depends on tourism income and that is disrupted. We appeal to the public and the travel industry to give back specifically to the destinations and communities who have given so much, when they need us.