Charitable Travel Fund

Two projects we're supporting from the start

We are building The Charitable Travel Fund to help tourism communities when they need us. Here are two of the projects that we’re supporting from the start, but as we grow the fund we will be able to help more and more

Feeding the Tourism Community in Cambodia

The Charitable Travel Fund will support a caring initiative operated by three inspirational hotel leaders in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Due to the COVID-19 worldwide pandemic Cambodia has faced a drastic and immediate economic crisis caused by an overnight 99% decline in international tourism. 

Supporting the Tourism Supply Chain in Africa

The Charitable Travel Fund will support the United Purpose AFFA Women and Girls For the Future group and twenty-two other women’s groups of market gardeners in Guinea, West Africa, to protect and rebuild their livelihoods following Covid-19 and diversify their customer base, which includes tourism hotels and resorts currently impacted by the pandemic.